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    Parental control are features put up on digital TV, Internet, video games used to restrict children.

    Dstv has a parental control feature which is easy to use and helps to watch what our kids are doing in our absence.

    Are you for or against parental control?

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    Is a good one to have it in all gadgets cause this our 21st century children are way wiser

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    Parental control is good

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    The parental control is a very good invention, it restrict children from what 4th shouldn’t be watched by them, it keeps parent comfortable when out.

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    I am “For” My husband even passworded most of the channels that are likely to show adult movies so that children won’t have access to them. They are allowed to watch carton channels and TV channels like Wazobia max, itv, Ait, etc

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    It is good to have control over what your children watch on television. There are lots of misleading informations on TV that cannot be handled by children.

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