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    Peer pressure can be powerful and hard to resist. A person might feel pressure to do something just because others are doing it. It might be something that is relatively harmless or something that has more serious consequences.

    HOW DO I MAKE MY SON OVERCOME PEER PRESSURE especially those with serious consequences?

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    firstly you need to make your son your best friend ,secondly draw him closer open up to him on what he needs to know at his age before his peers twist it and tell him wrongly and dont forget to always pray for him

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Just like ujaybae said earlier, your son must be able to confide in you. Let him see best of friends in you whom he can trust all the time. In that way, he can disregard whatever he sees or hears outside and build his confident with your advices.</p>

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    Try to talk to him daily and boost his confidence by telling him how wonderful and smart he is often

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    Talk to him everytime, be his best friend. Tell him how handsome and smart he his, share you thought and gist with him. He’ll overcome it with time

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    What I feel is every child has a language they understand so speak to him in the language they understand.

    Don’t just throw down rules&regulations.

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    Talk to him politely and let him no the consequences of the bad habits.

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