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    Hello African mommy! I need help! Can’t seem to enjoy family time or my kids anymore. The rage that comes from me is unbearable. It’s getting worse by the day. Yes I talk to my doctor about it but he isn’t a professional and yes I pray. But lately I’m having terrible taughts of taking my life . How do I locate a professional who can help me come out of this?

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>So sorry to hear this Shannon. You going to be fine Okay! Glad you you that you meed help. I’m not sure what city you live in but I think you can inquire from your docydo or health care workers around you on how to locate a shrink</p>

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    Hi Sharon, It is best you see a psychiatrist. Although a lot of people do not like to do this because they think that seeing a psychiatrist means one is mad. This is completely NOT true. The fact is that mental challenges are common and could be experienced by anyone, no one is immune. When you experience mental distress, it reduces the quality of life. Why suffer when you can always get help.  See a psychiatrist and let her/ him assess you if you indeed have postpartum depression or another disorder.  Postpartum depression is a very treatable condition.  I know this because I am a psychiatrist, and have seen women with mental disorders  get well and live fulfilling lives.

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    Kike, you have said it all. The society has a significant role to play when it comes to calling a depressed person Mad. Depression is real and can be cured by a psychiatric. A depressed person is depressed and not mad.

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