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    So my 20 month old doesn’t like to be wet but also doesn’t like going in the potty. He screams when put on the potty chair. Any ideas?

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    yass! Me too. Anyone please?

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    1. They say it is better to start when they are ready. So you may start noticing that he isn’t so fussy about sitting on the toilet seat
    2. Try to go to toilet when he is going to so he can see you do the same thing and it doesn’t look so odd to him
    3. If he is in school or nursery let them know what you are doing with him, the stage you are so they pick up from where you left off at home and you work with them
    4. Once you start, don’t back down. Remain consistent and this is what will help you achieve the potty training hurdle
    5. Encourage him when he is struggling and praise him when him when he has done well.
    Good luck with it 🙂

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    Thanks! You are a life saver.

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    No fluids after 6pm. Wake up every two hours to take child to pee. Make sure the potty is nearby so that pooping is easier

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    Wow, I wonder how you get all this,i did all that and now my daughter doesn’t like diaper again,i usually force her, cause anytime she wants to pee now she will say wee wee and she will locate her potty

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    Happy O

    <p style=”padding-left: 30px; text-align: left;”>Most of us are finding it difficult simply because we are in diapers era. Before diaper was introduced,  our mothers do squats their babies on their feet for them to pee or pupu. If you kit start this practice before the baby reaches the age of sitting on a potty, it will no longer be a problem. <!–more–></p>

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    the key is to start early when the are like 6months to start making pee or wee on a potty or to wait above 1years when them are ready

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    Let em start using at an early age.
    My baby at 8months got used to a potty that she tries to get to one most times so he can pee except times he just wants to be naughty and pee on Herself

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    My 13 months old baby doesn’t poop in the diaper again,  she waits till I put her on potty, she made the potty training so easy for me.

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