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    Before and after pregnancy there are vitamins that are expected of a woman to take for her well-being and that of her unborn child ,most woman take it for granted or think that is not necessary, I will urge you my fellow mothers and mothers to be to take all this seriously as it helps prevents some abnormalities in children. There are different ranges and prices ,always buy withing your budget, so that u don’t find it difficult replacing, when it is finish. What’s your take mums

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    Prenatal vitamins are important but mostly in the first trimester. That’s when it’s more useful because the brain  is developing then. Postnatal vitamins are equally important in the first few months after delivery, but with a healthy diet for mother and child, it doesn’t need to be continued. Nice write up! 

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    I agree with you they helps keep the mother and the baby healthy during and after pregnancy. Thanks for sharing

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    I agree with you, the vitamins keep both the mother and the child healthy. In pregnancy and even after pregnancy

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    Thanks for sharing. Nothing about our health should be taking for granted.  Health is wealth!

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    Frankly I never bought any except the ones gotten from the hospital and trust me, am more than okay.

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