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    I have being nursing this thought in my mind that
    Secondary Infertility can be linked to several causes on Family planning methods as means of contraception especially hormonal contraceptive methods which contain estrogen and progestin.

    Can taking birth control for a long time cause infertility?

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    I think it only affects conception when you use a wrong plan. According to numerous studies, you are as likely to conceive if you used birth control in the past as a woman who has never used hormonal contraceptives. That’s more reason why you need to consult proffesionals in the family planing center for the right package

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    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Different school of thoughts. I think it depends on our bodies. The hormones affect women differently. Some don’t have a problem with conception, while some do</p>

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    This depends on one’s body system, our bodies can’t be compared at all

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    Taking the pill for a long time won’t have affected your fertility, but it could have masked a problem, such as irregular periods

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    yes it can but depends on age and how onces body functions .

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    My gynaecologist says it has 0.15% side effects

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