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    Better imagined than experienced, the chaos resulting from struggling to keep up with work and family could be very daunting. Sadly, this is a reality we face as women in a fast-paced world. Thankfully, we don’t have to go through life dealing with strained relationships, fatigue, and poor health. Here are 5 tips to help you strike the work-family balance you long for:

    Up your time management skill

    With many activities struggling for your attention, procrastinating or spending too much time on a single activity is a luxury you can’t afford. To properly manage your time, make SMART goals out of your daily tasks. Create to do lists, prioritize each activity, and set reminders to keep you in check all day long.

    Master the art of saying ‘no’ and rescheduling

    Truth be told, choosing to say ‘no’ to your boss, customers, or family members could be very difficult, especially when they have genuine reasons for their demands. However, creating a work-family balance is just as important. The best way out is often to say ‘no’, contemplate the demands, and reschedule important ones for a more convenient time.

    Ask for assistance

    You don’t have to go through the struggle of maintaining a work-life balance alone. Now more than ever, you must enlist the assistance of everyone who will benefit a great deal from the balance. Don’t be afraid to discuss your work load with your boss. Be human enough to ask your colleagues to stand in for you when the need arises. Get your family and friends to volunteer too.

    Explore other career options

    As if working long hours isn’t bad in itself, hating every minute of it is even worse. If you’ve been considering other career options, now is probably the best time to start exploring. You don’t have to resign your job immediately. Simply become open to opportunities that may show up and start putting a word or two out there.

    A happy and fulfilled life has never been about working high profile jobs, cashing fat pay checks, or jetting in and out of countries. It is filled with simple but important things like turning off your phone during family picnics, showing up at a friend’s baby shower on time, and sharing a joke.

    There is nothing like waking up with a smile knowing that ‘life as you want it’ is about to continue.

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    Thanks for sharing, it’s not easy balancing every thing together

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    Thanks for the info

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