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    Sucking of the finger is a very rampant behavior among babies, but I’m still yet to discover what they enjoy in this practice. Some will suck it till over 2 sometimes more longer. What is the most effective way to stop a baby from sucking on their fingers. The only method I know is rubbing of aloe Vera gel or bitter leaf on the finger.

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    Little babies can be stopped by wearing hand mittens. That’s the best time to stop them. When they are older they can be cautioned everytime. But if it becomes a problem, visit a dentist for a tongue rake.

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    Rapping the finger tightly with clothes stops them from sucking the finger

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    Some children no matter what you do, they stick on that habit but outgrows it with time

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    haven’t had any experience about this

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    In my place, they rub a bitter leaf on the child’sĀ finger. So once the child tries to suck it and it tastes bitter, the child won’t continue. WORKS LIKE MAGIC! lol

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