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    An apology leads to forgiveness, and can recover a spoiled relationship, and heals indignity. Saying “sorry” denotes that you have chosen your relationship over your ego. Yet so many of us can’t find the strength within us to admit our fault.

    Apologizing is vital, since it helps to smooth any conflict and re-establish a spiritual connection with your partner. If you master the art of apologizing, it will help you reduce relationship stress and to move on from conflicts and tensions.

    When you
    say that you are sorry, it restores the dignity of the hurt person and makes them feel better. The offended party, who receives the apology, develops empathy towards the offender, which then transforms their feeling of hurt into forgiveness.

    An apology restores trust and understanding to a relationship, because it contributes to a feeling of safety and makes both parties, feel comfortable and respected. Apologizing therefore helps you and your loved one stay emotionally connected, trusted and understanding gets restored, and strengthens the bond between you two.

    When you make a sincere apology, your partner can start to see you in a different light and will have a greater tendency to overlook your flaws and highlight your virtues.

    You should learn how to be objective and admit your mistakes, and not to allow your egocentrism to blind you. It takes nothing to say “AM SORRY”

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    Don’t be too big to apologize for any wrong doings, it help make peace with everyone. Thanks for sharing this beautiful write up

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    Exactly, thanks for sharing

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    Very important, thanks

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    Thanks for sharing,


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    As trivia as this topic might seem but you should see how hard and what loss people have been at just cos they refuse to say i’m sorry

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    Very true, using the word Am sorry  can level a big mountain easier than a bulldozer

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