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    <p style=”text-align: center;”>This wonderful age is stressful for mothers. Especially those who have two kids under two years of age.</p>
    All they want to do is run around, play, eat, poop and scatter the whole house.

    In spite of all this, we love them dearly and would never trade them😮.

    Kudos to all mothers 💕

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    We mother’s are the best hero a child could have

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    The presence of your own child around you gives you countless of joy no matter how tough and challenging bringing them up seems to be. They can’t be traded,  not even for life.

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    Truely, at this tender age, it’s all work work, talk talk for your little bundle of joy. The only contributions they make in your house is to give you work after work,  24 hours non stop😂😂. All the same, they are so dear to out heart

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    mothers are thr real MVP’s ,multi tasking and never complain always full of smiles ,mothers are irreplaceble .love you mums.

    may God bless every womb with its own child i  pray

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    That the Joy of motherhood, all the runing around, play, eat, pooping and scattering thus worth to be experienced.

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