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    A lady had her traditional marriage in the village. Bride price and all have been paid.
    Church wedding in view but date not yet fixed. She hasn’t had sex before. They are back in Abuja. The guy wants them to start having sex. The girl feels it should be after the church wedding. She says church wedding is the main spiritual godly blessing of the marriage institution. The guy feels otherwise. He is also a devout Christian and not having sex before marriage was not an issue for him. But now that the trad is done and she wants to wait for church wedding, he is very angry and frustrated. .

    Who is right and who is wrong.

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    Since they are both  devoted Christians,they should wait till the church blessings is given

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    sister ,in as much as we borrowed white wedding the most recognized  is traditional and court weddings ,his your husband already

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    As an Africans, once a bride prize is paid, the man have every right to enjoy his wife but where there’s understanding, both can agree to wait until church wedding.

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    Since two of them are devout christian if there is agreement between them, they can wait until church wedding. thought they are already husband and wife.

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    If the man wants it, he’s right.

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    The guy is right, he’s paid he’s dues

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    they are married already GOD also recognice that more bcos bride price is the main wedding so the lady is kind of wrong

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    Patience and understanding I’d the key word

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    This is a tacky topic ooo.

    Traditional Wedding is what is recognized in Africa but then if she feels that way of course they can sit,discuss&reach a line but then I say for me Court Marriages are the most important.

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