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    Dealing with an unplanned pregnancy is one of the biggest challenges to face.  You may be concerned about your increased sense of responsibility or grieve the loss of your current independent lifestyle.

    You and your partner may not have the resources to accommodate a new baby.  For example, you may be in school, or unemployed.  You may also be concerned that your career will be compromised
    An unwanted pregnancy can also be challenging if you are a single woman or in a relationship that you fear may not continue.
    At this period, making significant decisions about your pregnancy when you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed is not a good idea.  Instead, take your time and think through your situation prior to taking action.
    Being able to have an emotional connection and bond with your baby is key to creating a healthy family for your child’s development.  Meanwhile, an Unwanted pregnancy does not necessarily lead to an Unwanted Birth!

    Any experience? Pls share💕💕❤❤

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    No experience but I had a friend who got pregnant while in school, her parents didn’t take it so serious they only chose a date and they did a wedding for them. Till date she’s still living fine with her husband, not everyone has bad experience about unwanted pregnancy

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    i don’t have any experience because all my pregnancies are planned,to avoid this trauma i think is better one find a family planing method suitable to them and probably remove when one is ready.secondly if eventually it happens please believe in God and have faith ,everything will fail into places for the baby sake,because children are blessings .

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    I have missed feelings about this topic. It is well

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    I had a baby whilst I just left Secondary School.I wouldn’t say it was an unwanted pregnancy cos the Father wanted the baby,My family wanted the baby,they were supportive but my I didn’t want it.I thought my life was coming to a halt but everyone was extra supportive.I consider myself lucky but after I had the baby my family made me understand that with an Awsoooome child comes great responsibility and trust me I was shown the way.Me that was a lazy child I became a workaholic always wanting to do anything legal to make sure my baby was more than fine.I didn’t want to be calling the Father Everytime to ask for upkeep money.
    I might be young at age but having my baby has been a Learning process.

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