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    Stress can affect the part of your brain that regulates your hormones which is  required to release your eggs

    If stress takes a toll on your body, then it could mean you ovulate  later than usual in your menstrual cycle, or not at all.

    Stress can make you feel less interested in making love.

    Feel more relaxed, eating healthy, & exercising regularly. Meditation can all help to reduce stress.

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    You are right, thanks for sharing

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    This Lagos is center for stress

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    I hope this helps someone, thanks for sharing

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    After so many years of trying to conceive without result can actually weigh you down and get stressed up. One encouragement I usually give to people is “Worrying Never Solves Any Problem” it rather worsens the situation.

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    Nice thanks.

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    Its really not easy trying not to worry.Its only God that can help one o

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    You are right. I’ve heard a lot of stories about people that are trying to conceive did why they stopped worrying and relax. It happened when they weren’t expecting it. 👶🍼🚼

    May GOD answer the prayers of those looking. Amen🙏

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    It’s not easy to stop worrying but what with God and support from your partner, it gets easier.

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