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    How possible is it Trying To Conceive at age 45 years old. I learnt that menopause sets in at 40. My sister-in-law is in her middle 40’s still worried about childlessness. Any hope of her conceiving at her age? Advice please.

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    It’s very much possible for her to still conceive, unless she have gone a year without a period, otherwise, pregnancy remains a possibility. Some women may experience menopausal symptoms, such as skipped periods for a few months, hot flashes, etc, only to have them disappear and their cycle returns to normal after a while. God can still do it for her but she have to in HIM who is more than able to make all things possible.

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    No time is too late to have a child, as long as God is involved anything is possible, menopause is medically recognized by us. But when God sets in we’ll be left wondering how it happened.

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    IVF seems to work, she should try it

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      IVF works but you must know how much you earn before you can talk about IVF.  It’s not moi moi at all!

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    age is just  number and with God all things are possible ,have seen a 54years old gave birth,once her medical report is straight with prayers there is nothing God cannot do ,but pregnancy at from that age is high risk so need to be more closer to her gynea

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    Science has provided so many alternatives.

    1. Insemination.


    3.I can’t remember the name but when someone else carries the baby (Surrogate Mother) etc.

    I ain’t leaving God outta this cos I know he is a great physician.

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      exactly alot of options are now available even surrogacy etc

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    With God nothing is impossible

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