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    <i>Looking good is one of the goals for every woman,  especially married women with kids. As a Nigerian, who grew up eating bread, rice and staple foods it didn’t occur to me how calorie filled our foods are. </i>

    Our food is mainly carbohydrates, yam, rice, bread, garri, eba, spaghetti, noodles. In fact Beans which I used to think was a highly proteinous food is actually 52% carbohydrate.

    This obviously makes weight gain so easy and weight loss so hard. The economy makes it worse anyways, meat and fish are hard for the lower class to buy, so people eat a large plate of eba with just one tiny beef or fish.

    In order to lose weight, you need to eat a balanced diet in the right proportion. Rice, veggies, fish and beans in a plate as opposed to large plate of rice with a small piece of beef.

    Calorie counting has also been helpful in weight loss. The amount of calories eaten should be less than amount of calories you burn per day.

    Fizzy drinks, soda, cakes, pizza should be once in a while treats if you really want to lose weight.

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    this is so true and informative ,i have tasted both sides and come to terms with nature ,we nigerians always have the mindset we eat to fill our stomach while most of the food causes much weight gain ,in as much as carbonhydrates serves as fuel to the body excesses of it causes harm ,we should try to incorporate all classes of food to our menu.and also monitor our calorie intake depending on how active we are,most times what we call enjoyment is part of our problem of not loosing weight ,aviod fizzy drinks ,i have learn to drink water as if my life depends on it and it works wonders on weight loss journey


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    This is true, the best and cheap gift you can give to your body daily is enough water.

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    Please how do I gain a little more weight, looking so lean that hubby is complaining and I eat well

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    Frankly,  this is hard to keep but anyway, we can always try our best to keep fit

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