What If Your Child Rejects Your Family Religion?

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    Hello there,

    If you’re married, you probably share the same religious faith with your spouse; you go to church, mosque, or religious meeting-place together and take your children along. You probably have prayer time once in a while or every day.

    Now let’s say you’ve been running your Muslim household, Christian family, or family of believers in whatever you believe for a while. You’ve been teaching your children in the path you believe they should go.

    Then one day one of your children (probably your teenage firstborn) says “I have given my life to Christ” (and you’re Muslims), or “I’m not going to church anymore” (and you’re Christians) or “I don’t believe in God anymore” or something along that line. Something that is contrary to all you’ve taught your child to believe in religion, faith, spirituality. Your child rejects your family religion!

    How would you respond?

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