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    There is no one-size fits all specification for what men want in a woman, but as a woman you need to be virtuous to attract & keep your choiced man.

    You must be:
    1. Genuinly interested in his person & not what he is.
    2. Intelligence: A woman with an ability to reason and provide solutions.
    3. Grace and humility: Most men will be endeared to a woman who is graceful, cultured and humble
    4. Non-assertive: women who are over-assertive and argumentative naturally turns men off
    5. Men love women who make them feel like a man by asking their opinion on matters.

    Let’s have thought.

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    Thanks for this beautiful write up

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    Lovely write up. But men are visual creatures. They love women who look good and take time to dress nice.

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    Thanks for this beautiful write up

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    Thanks for this  write up

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    <p style=”padding-left: 30px;”>Why don’t we talk about what We want in a man</p>

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    Men are hypocrites, they love women who can be everything they are not. Someone who is ready to massage their egos. Men are moved with what they see, sexy looks sweeps men off their feet.

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    You all are right , but don’t forget men love sex too.

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