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    Love is a pleasant experience but suicidal when it turns sour. When a man is in love, he can cross seven seas and seven rivers to be with you. But in the face of challenges, same man will despise you and treat you like nobody. And this leaves me to wonder, what exactly is love. Is it meant to last for just a while, enjoyed while it lasts and bid goodbye when it turns sour?

    I need your contributions please.

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    love doesn’t just go sour, there will be somethings that have gone wrong in the relationship . They should both check each other as see what’s going wrong

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    Thats why friendship is important. Love is never enough 

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    They should both  check themselves to know what is going wrong

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    Love will either grow upward or downward. For Love to last longer both parties must be determine and  be committed to the relationships.

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