Who gets body shamed for trying to be discrete about breastfeeding?

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    Well it happened with my first child crying for breast milk in a very public place. I wasn’t so comfortable so I got a lil scarf to cover me up a bit with he suckled. Then boom! An elderly woman swiftly pulled off the scarf and she was yelling at me saying I should not suffocate the child. Never felt so embarrassed my entire life. Who is with me?

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    😳 happened to me too!

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      Happy O

      Vijesi am just imagining your face and the anger inside you that moment.Β  You will be like… This woman, did they sent you after me. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ sorry for the embarrassment, it fades up with time

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    i love breastfeeding anywhere any time but hubby will keep shouting

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      Oh well,I can breastfeed anywhere,anyday,anytime

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        Happy O

        Heheheheheeee, Ujabae, I don’t blame your hubby,Β  you are publicizing what he has paid for 😁😁

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    I do, I had to get a breastfeeding cover because of that

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    Happy O

    Hmmmmmm it’s normal especially for first moms. I was doing a part time program when I gave birth to my first child. My first experience was in the school, my boy would not accept any form of petting and I was so ashamed of exposing my breast to breast feed him.Β  Awww, I moved from corner to corner searching for a hidden place when no one can see us just to breast my baby πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ it wasn’t funny though but it’s all joy

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    have been thereΒ  over and over so i give deaf ear to them till i get to a convinient place

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    I can breastfeed anywhere and anyhow as long as hubby is not there , he’ll keep shouting I’m exposing his boob’s outside, whenever we are out together the baby will have to wait till e get back into the car

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    <!–more–>I haven’t given birth yet but I can’t wait to experience all this

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