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    Relationship is a strong, deep, or close association between two or more people that may range in duration from brief to enduring. It could be romantic or sexual relationship.
    Most at times, the purpose of relationships in most cases are not clearly defined. In every voyage it journey, there must always be a driver & passenger, leader & follower. In a relationship, there must be compatibility to begin with. Ensure you are in with a girl or a guy of your match. Another one like it is having too much expectation from your partner. One begin to feel disappointed when his/her partner is not living up to his or her expectations. Insincerity and faulty foundation also breaks relationship. Please my dear people, what’s your take on this matter?

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    Friendship is the most important aspect of relationship. Once you are friends, you already know your compatibility and what he or she likes or doesn’t like

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    Yes I agree with you and  another importance factors in relationship are communication and ability to forgive each other.

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    compatibility and connection is a very important factor while building a relationship ,don’t expect too much so as not to be disappointed when expectations are not met,and put in your best to make your relationship work,you can make or mere your relationship.

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    Too much expectation leafs to disappoint and in turn crashes relationship. It’s better to be on a low profile and be able to be open to each other.

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