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    Marriage is one of the valued institutions in the traditional African society. Incidentally, it has its own challenges. When a young man or woman gets to a certain age and he/she is not married, society frowns at it. Thus, many couples enter into marriage relationships with a lot of excitements and expectations. However, losing one’s spouse to death robs one of all these excitements and expectations and exposes the bereaved spouse to some dehumanizing challenges. These challenges are mostly experienced by women in the Eastern Region of Nigeria. These women are subjected to dehumanizing practices which are socially accepted in the region. These inhuman traditional practices in Eastern Nigeria are initiated and perpetrated by the kinsmen (Umunna and Umuada). The widowhood treatment is meted out on all widows, but the severity or less severity of these treatments are dependent on the socio‐economic and other attributes of the widow. The question mow is, whats your recommendations on the need to protect the fundamental rights of widows and their children. Let’s know how it’s done in your place. Pls, Everyone’s contribution is needed.

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    Widowhood in Yoruba land doesn’t really take a lots of steps,one will just have to stay indoors for the first 30 days without going out or wearing flashy clothes. The person will have to wear dark clothes for that period and the person must not walk in the sun for a period of time. That’s all I know about it

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    • I heard that widowhood in Yoruba land is more lenient than other trees. Thanks for the info, I need to find out the widowhood rides for Edo land. Any ideas please?
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    Widowhood in igbo land is a terrible experience especially where the late husband was a wealthy man.  The husbands brothers will so dealt with the woman in the name that she’s the one who killed her husband.  They will go to the extent of giving the water used in bathing the corpse to drink in order to prove her innocence. Every hair in every part of her body will be shaved and she will be confused in a particular room until the burial ceremony is over.  She will morn her husband for one year wearing morning clothes alone and during these period,  she’s not allowed to go to market. Her wicked brother-in-laws will take over all the late man’s possessions, leaving the widow with nothing. Thanks to God that Christianity is gradually diluting these wicked acts.

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    one of the causes of such maltreatment is greed ,when the lazy family members of the deceased cant fend for themselves greed will overwhelmed them and they will start accusing the innocent woman of killing meanwhile they know the cause of the mans death ,am from the eastern part of Nigeria,such still exist but if you can stand your ground and know your right ,they cant do nothing except they go spiritual ,i remeber when my elder sister lost her husband they had meeting on her behalf and concluded before they can help her,she will have to pack to village to stay with ther aged mother, my sister didnt argue but two weeks after the burial she went back to her base with her children ,and God provided her the job of her dream now she is single handedly training her children to an enviable height ,they still marvel at what is beating her drum.lol

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    In my part of town we mourn wit the widow and help if we can but we keep away if we can’t and do not cause more trouble to the bereaved

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