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    • Being a wife was the most amazing thing for me until I became a mother. For months, I couldn’t find a balance, and as a young first time mum with no experience I thought all I needed to do was focus on baby. I expected hubby to understand, but I was wrong.
    • I was lucky to learn early enough and I want to share some tips.
    • Your husband is your best friend, he was with you before baby and he will be we with you after baby is all grown up and in the University or even married so he has to remain your best friend.
    • Put baby to sleep early if possible and have some alone time with hubby, even if it’s 30 mins to an hour.
    • Try as much as possible to get your baby to sleep in his room when baby is old enough, or sleep in a crib beside your bed.
    • Date night cannot be overemphasized, once a week or once a month. Movies, dinner, swimming.
    • I hope this article helps someone
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    Happy O

    Thand you very me check for this wonderful tips. You know, women tends to focus more on their children forgetting having a quality time with the hubby as it use to be before children came. And this usually push our men outside to seek for love & care that will surely ruin the happiness of your home.  I really enjoyed reading through the tips.  God bless you.

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    Truth be told it is quite difficult balancing ur role as a wife and mother when baby comes especially when you are a first time mum and no husbands don’t want to understand,you must give them their own share of attention.it’s really not easy.I’m in that position right now but hey we ll always find a way to spend time so everyone can be happy.To all mothers out there I’m proud of y’ll .We are indeed superheros….

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    everyone can can be a wife but it takes determinetion and Gods grace to be a mother,combining the two roles is not easy if not well planned and with prays and Gods grace .

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    Every woman can be a wife but it takes a woman hardwork, determination, self denial to be a mother, motherhood isn’t just about giving birth to a child, it’s what you do for that child that makes you a mother.

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    Did I hear you say you expected hubby to understand, Heheheheee, men never understands,they needed all the attention they can get and it’s very important to create a balance else,  you will be showing them way out for infidelity and as you know,  men always give excuses. It’s important to put your husband first so you won’t have any cause to regret your actions in future.

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