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    The social status of women is relatively poor compared to men in different countries around the world, that contributes to generating the atmosphere of inferiority of women in the society.
    Their participation in politics has been limited by the assumption that women’s proper sphere is the “private” sphere. Could this be as a result of Gender inequality, Incompetence or Women being totally submissive as wives?

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    I think it is both. This is because some women in our society feel they belong to the private sphere, zero interested in politics. Sometimes it is the society that make it seem women in politics are too ambitious. So kudos to the Women who despite all the pressure still go into politics.

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    It actually depends on the person, we all have different opinions on the same issue

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    Okay, Kawthar__pearl, don’t you think women need to do more?

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    Women sees politics as contesting for powerful seat with men and in that case,  they tend to remain the humble, virtuous women in their husband houses. Not that women are incompetence in handling social matters, just that here in Africa we believe in putting our immidiate family happiness first, man’s wish & commands must be obeyed😂

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    Its an African mentality. President of Croatia is female, there are several female senators and house of Representatives in US. In fact they have gone as far as legalizing breastfeeding in the Senate house. Our African mentally can be for or against us

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    But truthfully speaking the few who are in politics in Nigeria haven’t effected a change in their own little way though

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    Is an Africa mentality which states that woman cannot rule a man that’s to say is only when there is no man that a woman will be allowed to act. But thank Goodness things are changing for good, is high time woman come our in mass and via for viable positions.

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