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    I hold this write-up very dear and I hope I am able to pass the message I have in mind to.

    How empowered are women to make their contributions in society? Women play a vital role in society so can we really create wealth and provide opportunities through ICT if women are digitally excluded? Can women really be empowered without quality access to information? Already these information and knowledge gaps exist in the emerging knowledge society and the majority of women – rural and urban – don’t appear to be on the right side of the divide.
    Former United Nations Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), 2003, had this to say, “There is a gender divide, with women and girls enjoying less access to information technology than men and boys.”
    Let’s face it ICT is nothing without access. We cannot underestimate the importance of access. To get the benefits of ICT, you must have access. Availability or physical access isn’t enough. Access means usage – ability to utilize it, ability to
    work, learn, interact and create with the information and resources provided. Fewer women are accessing and using computers and the Internet compared to men.
    The United Nations Division for the Advancement of Women, September 2005 publication, “Women 2000 and beyond”, confirms that “Women are in the minority of users in almost all developed and developing countries”. In 2011 has the situation

    In Nigeria non-profit Institutions  Who are into the business of Women/Girl Child Empowerment in ICT are hard to come by.

    The few I know require fees sometimes and some other times offer them free and a few I know are.



    3.CODELAGOS( totally free).

    Look forward them up and please let’s empower our girls because the world is moving towards ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.

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    The future is girls.

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    Women are actually trying but their hard work is yet to be seen

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    Women are gold 

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