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    The thought that as women we set ourselves up fail has crossed my mind several time. Why must be strive to be perfect in all areas of their lives, except when it comes to taking care of themselves? I mean it’s overwhelmingly surprising that we want to achieve so many things for everyone else except ourselves. And this often leads to stress and burnout. First of all, we need to get ourselves out of this cycle and reduce the stress we go through. By understanding stress and its warning signs, we can develop coping mechanisms that will help us stay healthy and not burn out quickly.

    As our stress levels increase, women develop warning signs in multiple areas, giving them the sense that their lives are out of balance. Here are examples of negative stress signs. Ask yourself these questions. Which areas are out of balance in my life? What are my warning signs in each of these areas?

    1. Physical: Headaches, insomnia,fatigue, appetite changes, alcohol.
    1. Emotional: Anxiety, anger, unhappiness, irritability, depression, frustration.
    2. Mental: Forgetfulness, worry, indecisiveness, negative thinking, boredom.
    3. Occupational: Work overload, long hours, tense relations, and unfulfilling job.
    4. Social: Little intimacy, isolation, family problems, loneliness.
    5. Spiritual: Apathy, loss of meaning, emptiness, unforgiving, doubt, guilt, despair.

    *Excerpts from Clevelandclinic.org

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    You know, God has blessed woman with the ability to multitask and in all these, they still come out strong. If theres any sign of over labour that can result to heal lii t deterioration, I will advise for some break to take proper care of yourself to avoid breaking down.

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    We keep saying God has blessed woman to be strong and multi tasking. That’s why women always look older than their age. Abeg relax, don’t be super woman. Get someone to cook if possible, leave your kids with nanny and go for spa, take kids to grandparents for weekend and rest. Hire someone to clean the house some weekends. Relax and put your feet up and watch movies. Don’t overstress yourself and start looking like your husband aunty or mummy. My two cents 

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    Heheheheee, I love Honey sweet contribution.  I mean women deserve the best care and love they can get hate😁😁

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    Thanks for sharing this, it is really educating. We women deserve all the best care we can get because we are super heroes

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    women deserves some accolades and they are the real MVP

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