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    Motherhood is a full time job. Most people don’t realize it until they become mothers. I am a living example.

    When I was single, I always cringed at women who were full time housewives and judged them as lazy. In fact as at 3 months after childbirth, I met a full housewife and I was sort of advising her to get a job because I thought she was lazy.

    Fast forward to now, my son is in his walking stage and he wears me out completely. Now I realize that sometimes working a 9-5 job and coming home to take care of my child is as much work as a full time housewife being at home all day catering for the child.

    In fact I don’t know which is more stressful. I would really love your opinion!

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    Most people don’t see full time housewife as work but they work more than those in the office. In the office you are faced with a particular task but being a mother at home, ¬†you are faced with the job of a child care giver, a cleaner, cook, dry cleaner, and lots more. Being a full time house wife & a mother is a hectic experience

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    You are absolutely right. In the house, you are jack of all trades

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    Working and nursing a child is two different hectic jobs, it’s either you choose one or stay wored out while doing the two. Motherhood is a full time job we can’t run away from, we are the do it all. It can only be balanced if one has a help.

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    Have tasted both and see there is a whole lot of work, house wife is a work on its own but due to our incapable state of the nation and constant inflation woman have to engage in full time work together with full house wife ship, is not easy but God will always give us the strength, before now I never knew I have such strength till I birthed my three children with 8-5 job, is not easy but with planing and determination we will scale through.

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    Mothers are really trying, I pray every mother reap the reward of their labour in Jesus name.

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