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Returning to Work After Baby

returning to work

For most working moms, returning to work after a baby is usually a difficult phase. The thought of leaving your baby with a babysitter, the guilt you feel for having to go but yet you know you can’t stop working because you will need money to care for your child or the stress of having to change your wardrobe to suit your new body. You are simply faced with conflicting emotions especially when your baby is less than a year old, which is usually the case as most working moms are given less than 6 months maternity leave from work.

Give yourself a break and just breathe!!! Accept the first month to be challenging and don’t beat yourself up. Call your partner or a friend if you need to hear a supportive voice. Never forget that you’re doing what’s best for you and your family and that you’re helping to give your baby the best life and future possibilities.
Think about the example you’re setting for your child. Be a financially independent woman with a career and aspirations.

Cherish the amazing feeling after work hours, when you get to see your child again.
Keep in mind that babies usually have no trouble staying with a childcare provider during the day as long as they’re being fed, changed, and treated with love.
Also, have in mind that the caregiver isn’t replacing you. There are just more people in your child’s life to love and care for her.
Know that there’s no scientific evidence that suggests that children are harmed when their mothers work or not.

Postpartum depression can come at any time, during your baby’s first year and diagnosing it can be difficult because symptoms, like mood swings and fatigue, are common postpartum. If you experience excessive sadness or guilt, a change in appetite, insomnia, anxiety, irritability, or you just don’t feel right, call your doctor right away. It’s important for you to get help.

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