Returning to Work After Baby

2019-12-09 8:59:50 AM

For most working moms, returning to work after a baby is usually a difficult phase. The thought of leaving your baby with a babysitter, the guilt you feel for having to go but yet you know you can’t stop working because you will need money to care for your child or the stress of having … Continue reading “Returning to Work After Baby”

5 ways to discover your sense of purpose at work

2018-08-27 4:52:27 PM

By Folake Sebiotimo Purpose is a far-reaching, steady goal, something personally meaningful and self-transcending that, ideally, shows up in our lives every day. – Viktor Frankl Did you know that a sense of purpose could actually lead to a longer life? According to research conducted by the Association for Psychological Science in 2014, feeling that … Continue reading “5 ways to discover your sense of purpose at work”