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WEDNESDAY BOOK CLUB REVIEW: Must-have Motherhood Books

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For Mother, By Mothers – Tisha Lin

This is a book every mom should have. It’s a collection of inspiring stories from different BRAVE mothers around the world to empower all mothers and help them overcome the challenges of being a mother. They share stories that will help end shame and encourage healing. You do not need to feel alone in your journey into motherhood. This is a book of hope and love. Click here to order the book on Amazon

Not Just a Mum: The Practical Guide to Juggling, Motherhood and Life. – Folake Sebiotimo

Another great read for the mum who constantly feels overwhelmed by juggling motherhood, work and life responsibilities. Being a mum does not mean you have to stop being you. This book will give you tips and advice how to successfully combine motherhood, family, career and life. It will teach you how to nurture yourself, boost productivity so you can nurture others too. You can click here to get the book from Amazon

These two books are awesome reads that you shouldn’t miss!

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