I think it is very important that parents agree on a name just like they agreed to have a child together. Raising the child will also be a joint activity. The only reason one parent should have the sole right to name the child is if the other parent isn’t involved.

In most countries, the mother has the legal right to name the child, however if there’s a family tradition, it should be followed. Some family traditions give the right to name the child to the father, some to the mother and others to the grandfather or the chief head of the family.

Moving away from family traditions, some parents agree to take turns in naming their children as they come. Sometimes the mother would pick names for their female children while the father names the boys. In other situations, the father chooses the first name while the mother picks a middle name.

When my partner and I wanted to choose a name for our baby, we made a list of the names we love together, researched on their meanings, spellings and pronunciations and crossed out till we made the final choice. That’s how we got her first name. Since we are both of different tribes, we gave her a tribal name each and everybody was happy!

Who do you think should name the baby?

7 thoughts on “WHO SHOULD NAME THE BABY?”

  1. Both parent are entitled to name the child. I gave my daughter her English name while her dad gave her the tribal. A long list of names but i choose the one I want people to call my child myself

  2. I think both parents should get involved to avoid giving your child a name you don’t like or know the real meaning. It happened during my brother-in-law child naming ceremony. The father named the boy Richard without even knowing the meaning. When the priest asked for the child’s name and meaning, everyone was just looking at both of them seating & starring at the pastor like a picture. I was so embarrassed and that thought me a big lesson

  3. I believe both parents should name the baby.I know in some families,members of the extended family ll say Cus they are elders the child should bear the one they give but I’m strongly against it. .HELLOOOOO!This is our very own,it’s our right…In my case,I gave our baby his English name while my husband gave him his tribal name but we both agreed on both names first..Every other family members are free to name him but he is not gonna bear the names.

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